The GOG E-Travel Card Program offers a secured payment solution to cardholders and the Government. VISA and MasterCard makes it possible for cardholders to make payments worldwide.

The Card may be used for approved travel and related expenses including:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
The objective of the E-Travel Card is to ensure that officials and employees are not ‘out-of-pocket’ when travelling on official assignments. Accordingly, it is advisable that travel funds should not be accessed until immediately prior to or after the travel has commenced. A cardholder may have early access to funds on card where this is necessary to meet specific travel requirement.

Before the Trip

Upon receipt of your E-Travel card, employees must ensure that details on the card are accurate. These include;

  • Your Name, institution (MDA), card type and expiry date
  • Card is funded with the required amount and is active for use Also, sign the back of your card and keep your PIN secure but separately.
Also, sign the back of your card and keep your PIN secure but separately.

During the Trip

Use card to make payments for all accountable imprests either online or via VISA or MasterCard branded POS devices/outlets. Your PIN and CVV (3-digit code behind the card) may be requested at every payment point. Cardholders must ensure that they obtain receipt for all expenditures made with the Card as they shall be required by the MDA/MMDA for reconciliation purposes. For accountability purposes, card your transaction history can be viewed through the “My Travel Card” icon on the E-payslip portal. Any challenge regarding card use must be reported at Contact Us.

After The Trip

The retirement and card sweeping processes are practical here. Within 10 working days after a trip, employees must print a statement of transactions with supporting receipts of accountable imprests and present to their respective MDAs. Irrespective of retiring imprests, funds will automatically be swept off cards after 10days of return from trip.


In addition to your department or agency's travel policy, your responsibility as a cardholder includes:


  • Keep and guard card safely at all times
  • Report your lost or stolen card immediately
  • Use your card to pay for officially approved travel expenses only
  • Be conscious of identity theft schemes attempting to gain access to your financial information by keeping CVV number and PIN from others.
  • Track your expenses and keep receipts while on travel for reconciliation purposes.
  • Contact the Accounts office of your MDA for questions regarding use of the card.


  • Do not write your Personal Identification Number (PIN) down or carry it in your wallet.
  • Do not pay for another employee’s travel expense
  • Card should not be used to make payment for unauthorized expenses such as
    • Gambling
    • Clubbing
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Illegal drugs
    • Gifts, etc.


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