Stakeholders may have some concerns about the Program. As many of these concerns are addressed here for better understanding of the program.

How do I apply for a Card?

Your Head of Department or Agency would apply for a card on your behalf and you will be notified when a request has been made in your name.

How much does a Card cost?

The cost of your travel card is fully covered by the Government of Ghana.

How many cards can I hold?

You are permitted to hold only one E-Travel card at a time.

Can I load more funds on my card if I want to?

No; the E-Travel Card may be your name, but is a property of the Government of Ghana

Which transaction may be undertaken with the E-Travel Card?

The Card may be used for approved travel and related expenses including;

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Telephone Calls
  • Other related expenses

How do I track my transactions and available balance?

Login to the E-payslip portal at and click on “My Travel Card” to access your transaction history and available balance.

How do I know my details and payments are secured?

We take the security of your personal information very seriously and adhere strongly to our privacy policy. To ensure your payments are secured and your details remain confidential, the “Verified by VISA” and “MasterCard Secure Code” programs offer a greater degree of security for online transactions.

Can I use my Card in any country?

Hosted on the VISA or MasterCard platform, your card can be used globally.

What do I do if a merchant does not accept my card?

If your card is not accepted for any approved expense, use cash and keep all receipts for reconciliation upon return.

What happens to unused funds on my card when my trip is over?

Any unused funds on your card will be swept into your program’s pool account.

Can I change my personal or contact details?

Yes; you can change your personal or contact details from the E-payslip portal or through your MDA.

What other policies exist regarding the use of an E-Travel Card?

Each MDA/MMDA may have regulations that are specific to their program and tailored to their operating procedures. Kindly contact your head for more information regarding such specific policies.

How long is my E-Travel card valid for?

Your card is valid for a period of four (4) years; however, it becomes inactive upon return from each trip.

What is card misuse and what are the potential penalties?

Intentional use of the E-Travel Card for purchases other than official government business qualifies as misuse which may constitute fraud. The employee may be held personally liable to the Government for any unauthorized transaction.

Is a merchant allowed to photocopy a Government of Ghana Travel Card?

Below are VISA and MasterCard guidelines on photocopying of cards;

  • VISA guidelines: A merchant must not require a cardholder to provide any supplementary cardholder information as a condition of honoring the card including photocopying the card.
  • MasterCard guidelines: The merchant must absolutely not copy the back of the card because the merchant is not allowed to record the CVV data. Although there is no rule prohibiting making a copy of the card front, there are standards regarding storing and destroying account data, which would include a copy of the card front.

Who should I contact for help with my card?

Contact Us and your head of department or agency for issues with your card. You may also contact the partner bank directly regarding transaction disputes.

What do I do when my card is stolen/misplaced?

Immediately Contact Us on the E-Travel Card portal to report and also inform your Head of Department or Agency. Note that reporting a card as stolen may not relieve you or the Government of payment for any transactions that were made by you prior to reporting it stolen.

What happens when my card expires?

A replacement card will be issued with approval from your Head of Department or agency.

Can I block my card?

Yes; log in to the E-payslip portal and click on “My Travel Card” to block your card.

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