The GOG E-Travel Card is the preferred option for financing travel and related expenses of employees and functionaries who travel to perform official assignments.


The Controller and Accountant-General’s Department performs very crucial roles in the good governance of the country. The department is charged with the responsibility for ensuring an effective and efficient Financial Management (including Payroll and Treasury management) in the public sector as stipulated in the FAA2003 (Act 654) and its Legislative instrument (L.I.1802). Guided by its mission “We exist to provide public financial management services to the Government and General Public through efficient, skilled, well-motivated and dedicated staff using the most appropriate technology”, we have introduced appropriate technologies geared towards efficient payroll management. As part of the ongoing PFM reforms to improve the delivery of financial management services, the Government of Ghana has automated the travel imprests processes to control expenditure and to ensure effective utilization of budgetary resources, facilitate retirement of accountable imprest, enable public officials access a world class payment system while on official travel assignments and reduce, if not eliminate, the use of physical cash which is prone to loss and theft.

The project presents a Card that is secured with Chip and PIN technology and hosted on VISA or MasterCard platforms to allow access to ATMs and Point of Sale devices worldwide. There are two Card designs namely Star Card and Adinkrahene Card. The Star Card is assigned to individuals featuring their employment details whilst the Adinkrahene Card has been designed as a corporate card to be issued in the name of an MDA/MMDA and will be in the sole custody of the spending officer.


The card will be requested for by authorized Heads of MDAs/MMDAs on behalf of an employee or functionary of the Government. Printed cards will only be issued to cardholders through the appropriate authority.

How to apply

Card is requested for on behalf of the employee or functionary by an appropriate head of department or agency on the program’s portal.

Card Holder Benefits

MDAs/MMDAs Benefits

  • Improved expense management, disbursement and other allowance payment processes.
  • Reduced challenges relating to foreign currency sourcing for officials
  • Empower workers with highly convenient options on VISA or MasterCard in accessing their funds worldwide thereby increasing confidence and operational efficiency
  • Easy integration of card solution processes with the payment and reconciliation systems of the Government of Ghana
  • satisfying immigration and exchange control requirements
  • Sustaining CAGD or MoF leadership while actively lending support to government cashless initiatives

Card Holder Benefits

  • Safety: Accompanied with your Personal Identification Number (PIN), the Card provides a secured solution for efficient payment of transactions and the security it comes with makes it easy to block access to funds remotely, should card fall into the wrong hands.
  • Easy Access to Foreign Currency: Cardholders can make payment in any foreign currency (USD, GBP, EURO, etc.).
  • Worldwide Acceptance: The VISA or MasterCard payment infrastructure makes card acceptable anywhere in the world.
  • Transparency: Cardholders can view transaction history and balance in real-time through the program’s platform for reconciliation purposes.
  • Reduced Risk of Theft: Putting money on card eliminates the need to carry or hold large sums of physical cash for transactions and serves as a precautionary measure.
  • Improved Access to Funds: unds are available to cardholders to meet planned and unplanned needs especially after business hours
  • Recognition: Prestige and exclusive recognition for government officials
  • Balance enquiry: on any VISA or MasterCard branded ATM as well as the card’s internet banking interface
  • Generation of Mini Card Statements from VISA or MasterCard branded ATMs and POS devices
  • SMS and Email Notifications for card transactions
  • Customer Support: Users will have access to a dedicated team for assistance anytime the need arises.

How The GOG Travel and Expense Card Works

The GoG E-Travel Card program is supported by a computerized system application developed for managing travel expenditures in the public service. The system is hosted online making it convenient to use across the world. In partnership with a contractor bank, the GoG E-Travel Card program enables departments and agencies to access world class payment solutions to perform official assignments. This innovative payment solution has been customized to enhance internal controls through the following processes:

  • Card Request: Only an MDA/MMDA can make a request for the GoG Travel and Expense Card for its employees and officials.
  • Pool Account Funding: The Controller and Accountant-General’s Department has set up a Pool Account into which imprests for travels will be lodged before loading onto the cards.
  • Card Funding: A newly issued Card is activated after approved fund is credited to it by the assigned MDA.
  • Retirement of Travel: Upon return from a journey, an employee/official is expected to retire all accountable imprests advanced him prior the travel to his MDA/MMDA.
  • Card Sweeping: Card balances after the retirement process are taken back into the program’s Pool Account. This can be done manually or automatically after 10days of return. Card becomes inactive until next travel.

Signing Up

The card will be requested for by authorized Heads of MDAs/MMDAs on behalf of an employee or functionary of the Government. Printed cards will only be issued to cardholders through the appropriate authority.

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